MALA is a non-profit, voluntary and independent organisation offering educational and social opportunities for the over-50's in Perth, Mandurah (and the surrounding Peel region) of Western Australia.

MALA provides engaging programs on a wide tapestry of topics including aspects of history, literature, science, art, environmental issues, politics, culture, philosophy, languages, nature studies, religion, music, contemporary issues and more.  

Lecturers are all experts in their field and are chosen on the basis of their understanding of our learning requirements. We try to engage qualified and highly experienced lecturers who appreciate the difference between lecturing to tertiary students and delivering lectures to mature adults who are coming along by their own choice!

Our many MALA members represent a diverse spectrum of our community, often with a wealth of personal experiences themselves.

There are no examinations, no educational prerequisites, no set homework and no embarassing questions - just diverse and appealing lectures intended to interest and stimulate mature adults.  

You may enrol in any course that interests you, and no prior experience is needed nor expected.   Laughter and enjoyment are part and parcel of the deal!  

Occasional dinners, tours and interesting outings may be organised for those who wish to participate.


MALA is an acronym for the legally incorporated association Mature Adults Learning Association (Inc).    Some 41-43 years ago, the organisation was formed by community members for a community of mature adults wishing to continue learning for the pleasure, knowledge, health and social benefits it brings.

Members and lecturers to MALA acknowledge the original First Nation custodians of the lands on which we meet, and are aware of the rufus hare-wallaby known as mala, and we show great respect for the ancestral and current significance it holds for many First Nation peoples.

Our use of the acronym is not a reference to the animal itself nor of its' significance to First Nation peoples.

Because MALA is a totally non-profit organisation all course fees are kept as low as we possibly can.

Cognisant of the present high cost of living, your MALA committee has decided to not charge a separate membership subscription in 2024.

The only fees to be charged are an enrolment fee for each course, activity or event that you wish to participate in.

A sliding scale of Course enrolment fees is to be used by Perth Branch, so there are savings if you enrol (at the one time) in 3 or 4 courses at once.

Once enrolled, you will automatically go onto our email mailing list, unless you request otherwise.

If you are interested in receiving course outlines, information and enrolment details by email, but are not ready to enrol just yet, please click HERE.

Or, if you prefer, simply visit this website regularly to view what is on offer at either Perth or Peel.


Perth, Peel & Rockingham


MALA is an incorporated entity under the WA Associations Incorporation Act (2015). If you would like to consult the approved Constitution (a somewhat lengthy document) or download it, please click the green button.

Amendments to the Constitution were accepted by a more than 75% majority of members representing all three branches at a Special General Meeting held on the 21st November 2022.

The W.A. Government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety - Consumer Protection Division has accepted all modifications to the Rules and the Amended Constitution is now in effect as of 7th March 2023.

CONSTITUTION effective 7th March 2023

Under the terms of our Constitution, the Association must elect annually a President, Deputy President, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 additional committee members to manage the overall organisation and meet our incorporated association obligations.

Each Branch also elects a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and a working committee to manage their day-to-day affairs locally.

Please consider serving on a committee to ensure the continuation of this unique, community-initiated organisation.


This web presence has been designed, constructed and is currently maintained by David Thorne using EverWeb App.

We acknowledge with thanks the work of John Bunday who created and maintained the original website perthmala.org.au (which is no longer operational.)

MALA does require current members to assist in continually maintaining and improving our presence on the web.  If you have skills or experience in website creation or maintenance, please contact David by sending an email to info@mala.org.au