M.A.L.A. is a non-profit, voluntary and independent organisation offering educational and social opportunities for the over-50's in Perth, Mandurah (and the surrounding Peel region) and the Rockingham areas of Western Australia.

M.A.L.A. provides engaging programs on a wide tapestry of topics including aspects of history, literature, science, art, environmental issues, politics, culture, philosophy, languages, nature studies, religion, music, contemporary issues and more.  Lecturers are experts in their field and are chosen on the basis of their understanding of our learning requirements.  The many members represent a diverse spectrum of our community.

There are no examinations, no educational prerequisites, no set homework and no embarassing questions - just interesting and stimulating lectures.  You may enrol in any course that interests you, and no prior experience is needed nor expected.   Laughter and enjoyment are part and parcel of the deal!  

Occasionally dinners, tours and interesting outings may be organised for those who wish to participate.

Because M.A.L.A. is a totally non-profit organisation all course fees are kept as low as we possibly can.

Currently, for example, Perth membership is $10 per Semester (10 weeks) and a Perth course comprising 5 lectures held on 5 consecutive weeks costs only $45.  

If you are interested in receiving course outlines, information and enrolment details please complete an 'Expression of Interest' by clicking on 'CONTACT US'.

A T-Rex running towards cacti

Metamorphosis is the naturally-occurring transition from one life-form to an anatomically and physiologically different insect or animal. One of the most dramatic metamorphic changes is from a swimming fish-like tadpole to the familiar land-dwelling frog.

As early as 1912 the effect of thyroid hormones in triggering amphibian metamorphosis had been discovered.

A long time ago a precocious young school student was frustrated by not being able to take biology class in a country town where the school curriculum was limited by resources. In response to this prohibition the student borrowed and read the biology textbook in its entirety, and with further reading uncovered a claim that by combining Tincture of Iodine solution with some simple household ingredients he could synthesize a substance to mimic the action of thyroid hormone.

He surreptitiously added a few drops to the aquarium where the real biology class were observing and documenting the gradual and supposedly predictable development of frogs from tadpoles.

To the student’s delight, and the bewilderment of his schoolmates, the tiny tadpoles promptly and prematurely grew little legs!

Several years later the former biology saboteur became quite good friends with the biology teacher, but “Mr. Rogers” never did tell me how he had explained away to his biology class the unexpected emergence of the tiny froglets!

(Quite different hormones are involved in stimulating the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.)


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