An update on the COVID-19 situation (January 2022)

The majority of us have just lived through the first global pandemic in our lifetimes and thus far emerged relatively unscathed.  It seems somewhat likely, however, that in the next few months we may find out what it is like to see the virus truly endemic in our community?

Some new restrictions may be introduced by the Government and for those M.A.L.A. branches who meet in premises under some sort of state jurisdiction (currently Perth and Rockingham) it seems very likely that in addition to QR code or hand-written registers on entry, proof of vaccination may soon be insisted upon.

M.A.L.A. recommends members proactively obtain appropriate evidence of their vaccination status prior to the commencement of courses to meet this likely eventuality.

Obtain digital confirmation of your vaccine status to display on your mobile phone or tablet or seek assistance from your GP, pharmacy or other agency who administered your vaccine to obtain a paper certificate.

Whilst M.A.L.A. does not make the rules, it supports all initiatives intended to increase the level of protection and safety for our members.

All three branches are now well advanced in preparing an interesting, varied and stimulating program for 2022 and we plan to proceed with enrolments and commencement but stay fully prepared to respond appropriately to any changing circumstances.

Further information is available on our COVID-19 page.


M.A.L.A. is proud to have three branches in W.A.